Ililikha, Assumption Rd. Baguio 2016

Perfect-Scaled to Minus 5

Limited Edition: Sweet Pea Shimmer 2012—

Eschequer 2013—

Self-government 2K10

Industrial Design

Iron Dome 2K22—

Dual Take: Urban Jungle 2K15

Glomilyca: Flower Beds 2015—

National Treasure, Valdivian Forest 2014

Bantay Bell Tower in Rizal

Wind Mills of Banggui

Bamboo shelters along green corridors


Fur Elise 2K17

Kismet 2017

Omnyoji 2017

Seimei 777

The Burning Bush: Two Nights Before the 28th

The Prototype

Verse 2: 2011-2019 To Thailand and Brazil To Cebu and Argentina
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