Here I want to show you the beauty and grace of Indian woman but at the same time it reflects the culture, tradition and history of the country. In many portraits the Indian woman is represented with traditional clothes, such as the saree or the salwar kameez, colored and decorated with elaborate details such as embroidery, precious stones or beads. a strong attention to detail, particularly in the representation of jewellery, make-up and hair ornaments. Women with elaborate makeup, such as applying kajal around the eyes and using lipsticks and face powders, elaborate hairstyles, braids with fresh flowers or with gold or silver hair ornaments. the expression of the face, often very delicate and refined, with the attention paid to the features of the face, such as the eyes, the eyebrows and the lips.
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Amazing! I would believe even if someone says its a picture taken with a camera...

· · 8 months ago

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