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NiftyZone is

  • An online publication dedicated to covering news and interesting topics about Digital Art, AI Art and NFT
  • An online art portfolio gallery, for hosting the artwork of digital artists
  • An online NFT marketplace, for fans of digital artists to collect and trade NFTs of their favourite artwork and artists.

NiftyZone is generally NOT interested in covering content about NFT web3 projects and NFT collections that are based on generative or programmatic art, such as CryptoPunks , Axie Infinity or BAYC.

» I will like to contribute an article

Great! We are always looking for high quality content, such as guides, reviews, insights, and even creative writing. Your article should be related to digital art, AI art or NFT. We will attribute to article properly and allow backlinks to the authour, but other links may be removed and NiftyZone reserves the right to make edits where necessary.

Please send email to:

» I will like to feature my artwork on NiftyZone

Nice! Please consider creating an account with our free online digital art portfolio hosting website. We accept all forms of digital art, including AI-assisted or AI-generated artwork!

We regularly feature digital artists and their artwork. We can arrange an interview and showcase some pieces of your artwork in the form of an editorial article.

Please send your portfolio links to:

» I will like to mint NFTs of my digital artwork

You can do so at our Digital Art NFT Marketplace!

Do note that we use Binance Smart Chain for our NFT, using the ERC-1155 and ERC-721 standards. You will need to have some BNB tokens and a compatible wallet such as Metamask installed.

You can refer to this article for details.

» I will like to submit a press release

Please help make sure that your press release is relevant to our areas of interest mentioned above.

Please submit your press releases and embargo dates if any to:

» General Inquiries

For all other enquiries, please reach out to