There’s plenty of suffering to go around for everyone. The poor, the rich, the famous, the ignored, the healthy, the sick — everyone suffers. Even the people you envy suffer. Things are better for some than others, but nobody lives on cloud nine every moment. You can’t force everything to go your way. And if things are generally going your way, which they likely are most of the time, you should be happy. We tend not to realize that things are going our way for the most part. That is the rule rather than the exception for most of us, especially if you’re not living in a poor region of the world. Life isn’t easy. It’s tough. But it’s not as tough as it used to be, whether we were talking a thousand years ago or even one hundred years ago — life was far more difficult for those people. We, modern men and women, can endure more than we realize. Most of us aren’t forced to our extremes like many of our ancestors were. You’re here because of your ancestors. You’re here because of your country. You’re here because of your parents. You’re here because of doctors, farmers, scientists, police, and others who have helped contribute to your health, safety, and opportunity to make a living. There are a lot of people who deserve your respect and partial credit for your successes, including yourself in the first place.
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