Converting Vegetarians

Happy AF to share this Masterpiece after a few months in the making. AI + Modz ... this piece I call "" Converting Vegetarians "" ; made in tribute to one my favorite guys ... you know who πŸ« πŸ˜πŸ‘½πŸ˜‰ if ya get me AKA The Cyclist. Originally made from Mid Journey V3 and modding it afterwards to achieve an immensely unique and new 3d modern art style, the final result herein. Backstory : The planet is in great jeopardy as a blackhole (top left) is looking to consume the entire planet. Mr.Cyclist is en route to rescue the planet with his friends the Dragon πŸ‰ and the Wavy Monster πŸ‘» (both on top right), Baby Elon on the middle right financing and pumping the whole operation. This incident is taking place in another multiverse where little Baby Elon is a good guy. Finally, the landscape reveals an utmost graphical scenery of epic proportions all over, with beautiful hills, a waterfall, an integrated time lapse on the cyclist and much more. Designed as a psychedelic wall hanging piece by Deadwood Druid. ##psychedelicart #trippyart #3dconceptart #modernart #digitalpainting Available for wall print in and up to 24k or more if required, Deadwood Druid - Audio / Visual Engineer and Producer (Page) DruidLab - By Deadwood Druid - Audio / Visual Studio and Artist Hub #psychedelicart #trippyart #3dconceptart #modernart #digitalpainting So, if you see AI + Modz, Modz usually consists of AI or Composite or traditional art piece + painting + layering + filtering + blending (maybe multiple images or composites) + adding vectors + editing + visual transformation and synthesis + a complete mix down of all the elements + Master & I wrap up with a 10X upscale
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