David Bowie + David Byrne = Bowie Byrne

Damon Albarn + Thom Yorke = Tokyo Realmond Barnham

Tom Jones + Tom Waits = Mo Wats Jettison

John Flansburgh + John Linnell = Lin Johnuell Borgflansjhh

Jimi Hendrix + Jimmy Page = Padre Hexing Mijimmijy

Iggy Pop + Nick Cave = Vin Piggy Peacock

Beck + Tricky = Tribecky

David Gilmour + Roger Waters = Marigold Outwards-Griever

Mark Sandman + Mike Doughty = Mirkea Ty Sandough

Angelo Badalamenti + David Lynch = Adamantly Blanched Evildoing

Crockpot Peacocks

Composite portraits of various male musicians made by first combining various found images via Midjourney's /blend command, then expanding the frames with Photoshop's new beta "generative fill" functionality, and finally finalizing with some manual Photoshopping.

PostedAugust 14, 2023
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