This AI art was generated by the ANHEIHEI85 model. Please take a look at this beautiful and fantastic ai art. The creator, Cirr, is my pixivFANBOX supporter. I hope you all will try using this model. The URL of CIVITAI is here. Prompt: detailed background,(Doreen style, rich colors, intricate details:1.4), (ultra detailed eyes:1.4), BREAK, absurdres absolutely resolution,masterpiece,best quality, BREAK, 1girl, (pregnant:0.8), mazinger z, zentangle, <lora:anime_minimalist_v1-000020:-0.8>, <lora:flat2:-0.5>, Negative prompt: (worst quality:1.4), (low quality:1.4), EasyNegative, (negative_hand-neg:1.2), (bad anatomy:1.4), <lora:anime_minimalist_v1-000020:0.8>, <lora:flat2:0.5>
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